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Published February 19, 2009

I occasionally tune in to the Chris Evans podcast, although sometimes skip through the more obscure callers. There’s only so many times I can stomach listening to people talking about sheds. Nevertheless, the show seems to be a nice cosy affair, with plenty of chatter and interaction with the listeners. I didn’t know Evans from his television days, but am told that he has matured into a much better presenter, if a little less edgy.

Last week, Evans and his wife welcomed their first child together into the world - a son named Noah. I haven’t listened to the show recently, but read a great post on the Guardian about it. I’m not sure I make the connection between having a baby and suddenly becoming a good breakfast fit, but the descriptions about his current show are good.

It was testimony to the strong connection Evans has with his audience, and further evidence that the show at its best engenders a one-big-happy-family atmosphere. It was also an example of how Evans has matured on radio, with him knowing the pitfalls (“I promise I won’t go on about it”) and subsequently keeping the conventional shape and features of last night’s programme. Finally, it was a tremendously sweet, feelgood couple of radio hours, which unless you are actually allergic to Evans, you couldn’t begrudge him as you listened.

My only complaint, in fact, is with the blog. What was previously an interesting insight into the restaurant owner, F1 fan, BBC broadcaster, and all round good guy, has turned into a daddy blog of epic proportions. As the quote says, you can’t begrudge him some gushing, and the blog was a great way to introduce pictures of his son to the public. However, I wonder how long it will be before this becomes a turnoff.

The latest posts on the Drivetime Blog (brackets are mine):

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As I say, there is no bitterness behind my thoughts here, I just know that sometimes, as a listener, you can have too much of a good thing.

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