BBC explore Flickr groups

Published February 18, 2009

There’s a great new post on the Internet Blog regarding the BBC’s use of Flickr. They’ve got a group for users to add and source pictures that show up on the all over the site, specifically on the iPlayer and the homepage.

Screenshot of BBC group on Flickr

I find it fascinating that not only is amateur photography becoming a mainstay for the most professional of organisations, but also that they can be so open and honest about it. Spotted a picture you like on the BBC? Check out Flickr, you may find it there and be able to comment directly to the photographer.

This is a great way of attributing credit where it is due, and allowing a wider exposure of BBC staff’s pictures. It’s only been going for four months, and the group has posted a message celebrating their 1,000 submission. The picture above seems to only show just over 900 pictures, but still it certainly seems to be popular. Consider it a perk of the job!

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