Haven't they heard of the internet?

Published December 27, 2008

The Boxing Day sales certainly were popular, especially at the Westfield Shopping Centre. The BBC have a short video of the mass hysteria as the doors to the centre opened.

One woman even discusses the fact that she has travelled from afar, stayed overnight in a hotel, and was looking forward to her shopping trip more than Christmas Day itself.

Needless to say, this freaks me out.

Our cupboards are beginning to look a bit sparse and I need to hit the shops. Granted, I’m not going in search of food at Westfield, but I wonder how busy my local supermarket is going to be. Shopping before Christmas was a complete nightmare. I was elbowed in the aisles and shouted at in the car park. Now I must return to the scene of the crime and attempt to shop some more.

If I don’t return, you know what happened.

Update: I survived, but here’s a conundrum for you. The traffic was light, parking was a complete nightmare, but the supermarket was blissful. How are the people getting around, and are they all just sitting in there cars once they get there?

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