I prefer Wiki-oogle

Published July 25, 2008

I have recently upgraded to Firefox 3 and am writing a post about my experiences so far. The main problem I have had is that none of my old extensions work on the new version.

This is slightly annoying, but at the same time, they really were due a clear-out. I had a weather thing in the top nav bar that I never even looked at. Sometimes I would accidentally click on it and wonder what the hell was going on.

Anyway, now I have disabled all and am starting afresh. So far, I have only one desired extension (although, I think the new term is ‘add-on’), and that is Googlepedia.

This is pure genius, and once you’ve used it for a bit, you will wonder how you managed before. It’s aim is simple: when you do a Google search (I’m trying so hard not to use Google as a verb…) it splits the screen in two. The left hand side is your search results, and the right hand side is a related Wikipedia entry.

So, for example, search for Cadburys, and it brings up the related Wikipedia article. It doesn’t always work, if you’re not searching for a thing or a person, it can get confused. Sometimes, that is half the fun, though.

I find this useful, because quite often, I’m googling (damn) to see who a person is, or for specific information. Wikipedia is usually the top entry, and mostly useful, so to have it presented saves on a click. Yes, one whole click. I am that lazy.

Still, if you’re a Firefox/Google/Wikipedia user, try it out and let me know what you think.

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