My film viewing habits are about to change

Published June 5, 2008

You can now buy or rent films on iTunes in the UK, and there’s quite a lot to choose from. Considering how few TV shows there were when that was first introduced on the UK store, I’m quite impressed.

There are some questionable decisions on the part of Apple, when you look at the HD side of things. You can’t buy an HD film and you can only rent one if you have an Apple TV. At the moment, we don’t have an HD TV so it doesn’t really matter anyway, but that does seem an unusual tactic from Apple. I know they like to keep you using Apple products, but what harm would it do to allow users to download to their Macs?

The only other issue I can see is that some of the movies are only available to rent and not buy, for no apparent reason. In “real life” when you go to Blockbuster, you can rent the same DVDs that are in the shops, so I’m not sure what they are gaining from this.

As ever, the prices are high, but if you’re trying to turn away from clunky traditional methods of consuming media and embracing the digital experience, it’s not beyond reason.

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