Le Mans: Results

Published June 17, 2008

Franck did an amazing job. He started second, and at one point was driving so fast he could catch the leaders at four seconds a lap. He overtook the front runners to lead the race at one point, and then made the big mistake of handing the car over to Klien.

A couple of laps in, Klien through the car in the gravel.

Still, we have to be impressed that our guys managed to recover enough to finish third. Franck started and finished the race, and it was nice to see him on the podium.

Peugeot finished both second and third, but they will not be happy that Audi won the event again. The Audi dominance is starting to grate, and here’s hoping Peugeot try even harder next year. I didn’t realise Franck had participated in so many previous Le Mans races, but this is his best result to date. Fingers crossed he joins Peugeot again next year to try and knock Audi from the top spot. (Although my sleeping patterns are kind of hoping he doesn’t!!)

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