Le Mans: Qualifying 1

Published June 12, 2008

First qualifying for Le Mans 24 Hours took place last night (thanks to Andrea in the comments for the heads up). Our Peugeot boys were on top form, taking the top three spots, with main rival Audi taking the next three:

1LMP1Lamy, Sarrazin, WurzTeam Peugeot TotalPeugeot 9083:18.513
2LMP1Montagny, Zonta, KlienPeugeot Sport TotalPeugeot 9083:18.682+0.169
3LMP1Gene, Minassian, VilleneuveTeam Peugeot TotalPeugeot 9083:20.451+1.938

Stephane Sarrazin set a serious benchmark, posting the fastest time that anybody has been around the Le Mans track since 1989!

But of course, we are interesting in Franck, in second:

My Peugeot 908 HDi FAP is just fantastic, and so easy to drive. I hit traffic during my first flying lap on fresh tyres and I asked the team to find me a clearer slot before going out again. Even then, my run wasn’t totally free of traffic - Le Mans rarely is - but it came together nicely."

Marc Gene also deserves a mention, for getting back in the car, let alone doing such a great job in third, after the major crash last week.

The next qualifying is tonight, and the race is this weekend.

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