Two more race weekends for Franck

Published April 4, 2008

Thanks to Andrea in the comments, we now know that Franck has been snapped up by A1 Team France to take part in a couple of A1 GP races.

There are more details here (link retired), but FKM will be driving in Shanghai on the 11th-13th April, and at Brands Hatch on 2nd-4th May.

I was tempted to visit A1 GP when I saw some footage from it at Autosport International this year, so now I have no excuse not to go!

Of the offer to drive, Franck said:

When A1 Team France asked me to race in the final rounds of the season I immediately checked my programme to see if I could give them a positive reply; then I accepted without hesitation. It’s going to be a difficult job but I’m happy to be able to make my contribution. On paper anyway, winning the title is within our possibilities. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the car and find out its potential.

Team France are currently third in the A1 GP championship, so it is possible that Franck could be a champion by the end of May!

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