The proverbial creek

Published April 1, 2008

I have been putting off writing this blog entry for a long time because, well, basically because it means admitting that I watch Dawson’s Creek.

Before you laugh at me, I’m going to tell you a little story.

I used to watch it when it was on originally, I saw the first few series, then it moved to Five. At the time, I couldn’t get Five, it was a snowstorm of Dawson’s head with no sound. Wonderful.

With Freeview now the norm in my house, and a PVR installed to catch programmes I miss, I was glad to see that Five Life decided to re-run the show from the very first series.

Look at how young little Joey Potter looks. Aw. Bless.

Anyway, I watched, and I kept watching, and I got to season five. A combination of waning interest, and what little free time I had being given over to the ramping up of Sidepodcast, meant that the episodes began stacking up on the PVR.

I decided to stop watching.

I kept the episodes though, in case a miracle happened, and I had a spare day or two for a Creekfest. Imagine my horror, then, to find that Five Life pulled Dawson’s Creek midway through the last season, to start showing repeats of their new acquisition Neighbours.

I’m not the only one who was upset either. This is a snippet of the Tube Talk Digital Spy column, where reader’s questions are answered.

Screenshot of Tube Talk question and answer

Nine measly episodes left. That’s two weeks. They couldn’t have waited two weeks to start showing the Neighbours repeats? Why bump a repeat for another repeat? Especially when you and the viewers have invested so much time in watching from the very beginning.

It breaks my heart to see this lack of care, although it doesn’t surprise me.

It just adds further weight to my online TV is the future argument. Throw all the Dawson’s Creek episodes online and let people pick and choose what and when they watch.

To be perfectly honest, I was only really interested in the show’s finale set five years later. I read what happened and I wanted to see for myself. Watching the rest was a sort of added bonus, just to give the finale its dues.

Now I’ll never know.

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