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Published April 23, 2008

I know, I know, this blog has been about television far too much recently. The problem is that at the moment, it’s the only other non-Sidepodcast thing I’m interested in.

ITV hasn’t really featured in my thoughts recently, but now two things have happened that sort of cancel each other out. Let me explain.

The Good

ITV shows are now available on iTunes. Get your hands on Cold Feet (yay!) or Lewis (uh…) and that’s about it at the moment. But shows are being added all the time, and this makes me happy. And very, very poor.

The Bad

There’s a US import on ITV at the moment called Pushing Daisies. I haven’t managed to tune in, because I’ve been busy catching up with The Apprentice, but I did see a trailer. It looked a bit bright for my liking, but either way, I won’t be watching it on ITV anyway.

They decided to schedule it just before some kind of football championship, except they’ve made a slight error. There aren’t enough weeks to get through every episode, before the football begins, so they’re just going to drop one. The second episode isn’t going to be shown. This is wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to start. Surely they forked out a decent amount for this show, and that money is literally just sitting on a shelf somewhere? Is the story going to make sense without this episode? Why can’t they just show two in one night, like the penultimate and finale in a 2 hour special? That would make it a big exciting marketing dream, rather than this scheduler’s nightmare.

The Ugly

The worst part (or best, from a consumer’s point of view) is that almost the same day that ITV let slip this information, Pushing Daisies became available on iTunes.

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