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Published April 3, 2008 America Unchained: A Freewheeling Roadtrip In Search of Non-Corporate USA: Dave Gorman: Books

Buy it, buy it now.

Moving on to new projects - Veronica Belmont (link retired)

But Mahalo Daily is so good…

Podcasting News » Free Skype Call Recorder

Where was this when we needed it?

Amazon Payments Account Management (link retired)

Earlier I told you to buy a book - now I’m telling you how.

Cult - News - No romance for Doctor and Donna - Digital Spy

To be honest, I kind of thought the Doctor never really romanced anyone. It’s all about emotions but no actual romance. Either way, thank god, cos Donna is not right for him.

TV Scoop: Why I Love… Ruth Jones from Gavin and Stacey (link retired)

Watching the latest episode of Gavin and Stacey, I thought the same thing.

TV Scoop: BBC Three rings in Aussie school comedy (link retired)

This is brilliant, and also, the show is available FOR FREE as a podcast. Cadburys new Airport advert - better than Gorilla? (link retired)

For me, this advert is too long and there’s no payoff. The gorilla at least felt worthwhile.

Sorting out my sleeping patterns » doctorvee

Oooh, love a blog post with a good graph. And sleep is always an interesting subject.

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