Champ Car celebrations

Published April 23, 2008

I can only apologise for not posting this news immediately, it is definitely worth a blog post or two!

In his one and only Champ Car race, Franck managed to finish 2nd with an inspired drive. But let’s start at the beginning.

It appears that Franck had a confirmed Champ Car drive, which is why he lined up on the grid in Long Beach this past weekend. This was his debut for the Forsythe team, but as the series no longer exists, and the team are not going to participate anymore, it was also his last Champ Car appearance.

In the first practice session, he was battling with his team mate Paul Tracy for the times, and finished just behind him in 7th. During second practice, he was three places behind with Tracy in 5th and FKM in 8th.

He lined up on the grid 6th, raced hard, overtook plenty of people and wound up finishing in 2nd place, picking up a trophy and on the podium. Paul Tracy, meanwhile, suffered a puncture and could only regain 11th position.

Afterwards, Franck said:

I think it’s not too bad for my first race in Champ Car, my first time here, and as a rookie. The team did a fantastic job and gave me a very good car during the race. I think America suits me.

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