Links for 2008-03-30

Published March 30, 2008

TV Scoop: TV Review - Sleeping with my Sister, Channel 4, Thursday, March 27, 9pm (Link retired)

I didn’t watch it, and to be honest, it creeps me out a bit.

Eastenders: HILARIOUS!!! Bianca’s Jackson Five Spoof Video - Unreality Primetime (Link retired)

Clearly the singing leaves something to be desired, but now the song is stuck in my head.

10 Millionth Article Written on Wikipedia

I don’t know why, but I would have thought more than 2.3 million of them were English.

An Interview with Virgin America’s head of In-Flight Entertainment

“How often does it crash? The Linux machines, not the planes…”

Television - News - Entire ‘Skins’ cast will change - Digital Spy

Somewhat gobsmacked by this. How can it be the same show? Surely Skins fans love the Skins characters?

PhotoshopDisasters: The Accidental Husband (part 1) (Link retired)

Ah, this blog is good for a chuckle.

PhotoshopDisasters: Imagine Babies: What’s a watermark? (Link retired)

Ah, you can see what they did. Tested out the photo and forgot to buy it. Hopefully…

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