Chumby - Even the name is cute

Published March 6, 2008

I saw this on The Buzz Report and wanted one straight away.

It’s too cute.

Originally, I was impressed by the gadgety goodness, the functionality, the ability to read your emails or your RSS feeds, or listen to the radio. My favourite feature was the ability to plug in your iPod, but then I was told: “You know, you have been able to do that for a long time, it’s called an iPod dock.”

But honestly, why would you want a cold, sterile, white iPod dock, when you can have something cute and squeezable?

Sadly, it’s only available in the US at the moment, and I imagine once it is available here, it’s going to be aimed at the kids. So, I will have to be happy to just ogle it from afar.

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