Perhaps not so positive

Published February 14, 2008

The news doing the rounds at the moment is that IRL and Champ Car are getting back together. I can’t pretend to understand this fully, because I’m a newbie, but I get the idea. The two used to be part of the same series but split apart a while back.

Going their separate ways obviously hasn’t done them any favours, I imagine the division of fans, audience, and sponsors, isn’t exactly what they wanted. Maybe they thought people would stay tuned to both, but I’m guessing that most people have a favourite.

I can say that I know even less about IRL than I do about Champ Car, because I get the feeling Champ Car makes the attempt to be introduced in Europe – there were a couple of races over here last year.

Here’s the bit of real importance though – assuming that Franck gets his Champ Car drive, and assuming that the two merge back together this year – Montagny will be on the back foot. When the two series collide, IRL will take prominence, meaning that any potential Champ Car bods will have to adjust to fit in. This is not good news for Montagny, although, of course, I believe he’s good enough to make the most of it.

Still, this all may not matter, we’re still waiting to see if he gets picked or not.

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