What's that? You want to know all about me? really?

Published April 6, 2007

With the new look design, I wanted to give the About Me section a bit of a new flavour to it as well. I’ve spotted a lot of people writing 100 Things About Me sections. Doesn’t seem all that difficult, does it? My first job was to write down the list of numbers 1 to 100, which actually took ages. Then, I started at the beginning, with the basics. Born in? Live with? That kind of thing. I got to about 20, and stopped.

I thought for a second I wouldn’t be able to fill up the 100 slots with things about me, but all of a sudden all these thoughts descended and I started worrying I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to the chosen few. As I continued filling in the gaps, I started questioning myself.

“Is that even an interesting fact?”

“They’re not going to want to know that, are they?”

“I talk about this in my blog a lot, if they don’t know by now…”

“Should I be writing about what I’m like now, or stuff that I’ve done before or history or what?”

“Am I giving too much away?”

“Am I putting too much thought into this?”

And I stopped. I’ve done this two or three times now, and that’s why you can’t find the 100 Things About Me bit on my website yet.

I’m going to keep working on it though. It seems like it’s just a barrier for me to overcome.

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