Where does it all go?

Published September 7, 2006

The thing I hate about being an adult is having to be responsible about money.

At the moment, I’m busy trying to save for something rather important, and it’s really, really not working. My outgoings are equalling my income and there’s nothing left over. It’s rubbish. If I didn’t have the thing to save for, I would be treading water quite nicely, but it’s just a weight on my shoulders. I’m constantly aware that I’m going to have to pay out soon, and so far, the funds aren’t quite there yet.

The thing I love about being an adult is being responsible for my own money.

I don’t have to ask for pocket money, and I can spend my money on whatever I want. I can buy a basket full of chocolate if I want, because then I can also update my gym membership as well. No one’s going to tell me how to spend my money, and it’s my own fault if I waste it. I like that. I like the independence.

So, to sum up: I have no money, but it’s okay.

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