It has turned

Published September 1, 2006

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Even though we occasionally get a sunny day and it’s lovely, you can tell that it is no longer summer.

At some point this week, I was woken up by my alarm and it was still dull and pretty dark outside. How depressing. When it does get lighter, it’s not that bright and glorious summer sunshine, it’s a grey morning turning into a grey afternoon.

I’ve started to get a bit cold in the evenings, having to put on a nice warm jumper instead of enjoying bare arms. I even put on thick socks a few nights ago due to cold feet.

I have a feeling this house will be freezing cold in the depths of winter and will cost a fortune to heat. Let’s hope not.

I have been really happy and cheerful this summer, it’s been relatively good times, so I hope that the darkness of the winter doesn’t dull the mood.

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