Near death experience

Published August 7, 2006


Are you all still there?

I’m back.

But only just. Last night, I was pulling a plug out of a 4-way socket and the whole thing exploded, sending me cowering to the other side of the room.

On closer investigation, it turns out the 4-way had actually broken inside, in such a way that the experienced electrical type guy that I live with had never seen before. Could have been a lot more painful, if some kind soul hadn’t invented the trip switch.

Why is it always me that things like this happen to?

While I was at work, I went to leave out of the back door, and noticed that the handle had fallen off, and was resting on the floor. So, I picked it up and made attempts to put it back on so I could escape for lunch. Then someone comes round the corner, and they see me struggling with the door handle and it looks like I broke it. I didn’t!

Bad luck follows me around.

I’ve been watching Formula 1 for about three years now, barely missing a race. The one weekend that I make absolutely no effort to watch the race, don’t even care about it, who wins? Only Jenson Button, with his first ever win, EVER. And I wasn’t watching. Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t watching.

I like to think I played a small part in his victory by keeping my TV switched off. I shall expect a thank you call any moment.

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