Perhaps a post, perhaps not

Published July 26, 2006

Something kinda personal has happened and I don’t know whether to blog about it.

I have things to say on the subject, but I’m not really sure whether the blog is the place to do it. I’d like it to be something I talk about and share with others and see what everyone else thinks, but at the same time, it’s not the kind of thing I would usually blog about.

I don’t particularly censor myself when it comes to what goes in the blog, but that’s because it’s normally pretty obvious to me whether something is blog-acceptable material. It also makes an important difference if it affects other people’s feelings as well.

I tend not to talk about personal things with people. I’m quite private about my personal life at work, although the lady that sits opposite me has started asking lots of questions and is getting some answers.

Particularly at work, I was brought up with the idea that your personal life is exactly that, personal, and should be left at home. I suppose my blog is the same thing. I share stories and views on life as I see it go by, but not really too much from my own.

What do you think? Do you censor what you write?

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