It's not just cleaning, you know

Published July 7, 2006

My mother and father are coming to stay and to prepare for their arrival, I have cleaned and tidied the entire place.

There’s something about cleaning that makes me feel incredibly guilty. I never enjoy it, but while I have my iPod plugged into my ears and just get on with it, it’s not all that much of a chore. So, then I start to question why I don’t do it more often.

And once it’s done and it looks nice and sparkly, I start to worry about whether people are going to think I made too much of an effort. “Oh no,” I would say, “it always looks like this.” Yea, right.

I don’t want them walking around and thinking that I tidied up especially for them (even though I did), or that I clearly don’t tidy enough that I had to make a special effort.

See, you thought it was just a bit of hoovering and dusting, but in actual fact, it’s a whole soul-searching experience!

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