Blogathon 2006 (44 of 48): It's not easy being green

Published July 30, 2006

I think there was a programme on the BBC called It’s Not Easy Being Green. I didn’t watch it but I am currently reading the book, and it’s brilliant.

It’s all about a family who gave up their home and moved to Cornwall, to set up a much more eco-friendly life. They didn’t give themselves up to the land or anything, and are still normal people with jobs and lives, but they are “reducing their eco-footprint on the world”.

It’s really fascinating. From picking the house they bought, to reducing the electricity they use, to growing their own food, rearing their own pigs, to powering their car with biodiesel, it pretty much covers everything.

It’s something I’m really interested in. I imagine that when we buy our own house, we are going to start doing everything we can to reduce the waste and the damage we are doing to the environment. It’s hard to do in rented accommodation where you can’t even hang a picture on the wall, you’re not really going to be able to stick solar panel’s on the roof, are you?

But it’s definitely something to keep in mind, and I recommend it as a read.

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