Blogathon 2006 (42 of 48): The picture in the window

Published July 30, 2006

A long time ago, I walked past an art shop and saw the best painting I’ve ever spotted.

It was a deserted beach, somehow done in purple, with two lonely figures walking along together. So, actually, they probably weren’t so lonely. And I suppose the beach wasn’t so deserted. Bad description.

The price tag was out of reach at the time, and although still a stretch, a couple of years on I could probably scrape together the funds to buy something I really loved. Naturally, now that is the case, the picture is nowhere to be seen.

I suppose it was never meant to be, but whenever I think about art, I often think of that picture.

It’s always the way, isn’t it? You want something but can’t have it. When you can have it, it’s not there anymore.

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