Blogathon 2006 (40 of 48): School mistress

Published July 30, 2006

I am always correcting people.

When they talk to me and pronounce a word wrong, I can’t help but correct them. When I am reading something they have written, and something is spelt wrong, I have to mention it.

I suppose it is not a bad thing to like correct spelling and punctuation, but it often gets on people’s nerves. Nobody likes to be picked up on something they’ve spelled wrong.

Mr C used to get me to proof-read his blog entries before he posted them (he no longer posts entries, not he no longer gets me to read them), and I would like nothing better than picking out all the mistakes.

And it makes me sad when I read a book with mistakes in it. At the moment I am working through a book that has come from the BBC, and there are so many mistakes in it. It’s only a first edition, but I really think the BBC should have better proof-readers than that.

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