Blogathon 2006 (37 of 48): Go on, impress me

Published July 30, 2006

Mr C always says it takes a lot to impress me. Quite often I come home to find he has discovered some new gadget or some piece of news or something that is just so important and he is really excited about it.

All too often, I am less bothered about it. Yeah, whatever.

The truth is, I don’t mind reading about something, or hearing about it, but it’s not until I see it in action that it’s really going to impress me.

He’s discovered a new kind of vacuum cleaner. It works on its own and scoots about the floor… or something. It sounds exciting and I’m really interested, but I am not impressed. Not yet. How can I be when I don’t know the full story? I don’t know its full capabilities, it’s functions or it’s drawbacks.

I have to know all the information before I can make a full assessment of the impression it will have on me.

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