Blogathon 2006 (28 of 48): How do they do that?

Published July 30, 2006

There are certain jobs I would love to do. For instance, I sent my script to the BBC to have a read through. There’s a process that unsolicited scripts go through, which involves being read by certain people and either discarded or moved along the chain.

How do you get the job to be the person that reads the scripts?

How do you get the job to be the person that updates the website on certain television shows?

How do you get the job to join the storyline crew on particular programmes?

It’s things like that where I realise I may have missed out on something in university. I don’t think that university is particularly useful in terms of degrees, but think of the contacts. All those people who will know other people who you can network with.

Of course, I would have gone to university and done something else which would not help me at all. Oh well.

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