Blogathon 2006 (26 of 48): Coffee and tea

Published July 30, 2006

I think everyone is OD’ing on the coffee to try and stay awake and focused on this Blogathon. Are you?

Unfortunately I don’t like coffee, so this option doesn’t really work for me. I love the smell of it, and could sniff it all day, but to actually drink it gives me a headache.

At work, I don’t drink tea or coffee. There’s a really nice canteen that serves good hot chocolate that I used to drink but I’ve gone off that now.

The canteen is quite expensive but what they serve is delicious. To counteract the expense, the boss said we could buy our own kettle. Great. A kettle was bought, supplies were obtained, and people began having office-made tea and coffee.

Except they don’t like it.

They keep going back to the canteen and paying for the drinks themselves. Surely, for employee happiness and motivation and general sanity, the company can fork out an extra couple of pence per cup?

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