Blogathon 2006 (13 of 48): One of the few things I am scared of

Published July 29, 2006


Last time I was at a zoo, I went into the tropical display and the first thing I saw was a huge, enormous snake.

Just thinking about it now makes my skin crawl. At the time, I jumped a mile and hid behind Mr C. Never mind the very thick glass that separated us from the snake, and never mind that it was more interested in the thermostat control on the wall of it’s tank. It was horrible, and I ran into the building, away from the snake as soon as I could.

It was much harder having to leave, knowing I had to walk past the enormous thing. I’m not kidding, it was like this big holds hands out ridiculously wide.

I’ve just noticed that I have involuntarily lifted my feet off the floor and scooted them under me. Just in case.

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