The blues just may wash away, if you wait for a rainy day

Published March 9, 2006

I was sitting in my car on the way home from the most awful day ever. I was stopped at some traffic lights. The Feeling came on the radio, with the lyrics of the title.

Suddenly, the sky got really, really dark. It turned a beautiful blue that I’ve never seen before and all the clouds merged into one giant dark mess. The sun was shining in from one side, and lit up the entire street. The trees were almost glistening. Even the rundown Chinese takeaway and the ex-petrol station took on a whole new, glossy image.

I listened to the song as I waited at the lights, and let the words wash over me. I closed my eyes briefly, and when I opened them, a rainbow had appeared, arching over the road. Sometimes, when life seems really, really worthless, subtle things can make all the difference.

Then, the lights changed, I rounded the corner, the rain started and I got stuck in traffic. The moment had passed.

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