Technology never stops

Published March 13, 2006

Last time I went to an aquarium, I mentioned how difficult it is to take a picture of a fish. Firstly, they are behind glass. Secondly, the lighting is usually terrible. Thirdly, these damn fish like to swim around - a lot. And fourthly, I have the worst camera in the history of the world, ever!

I took Mr C to such an attraction this weekend, and whilst we got some pictures of stationery things (eg. starfish, anemone, coral), the best bit was the turtles.

If you’re taking a picture of something stationery, that’s outside, in good lighting, and not moving an inch, you will get a perfect picture. But as soon as anything moves, or gets too close, or too far away, or actually exists, it’s impossible to get a picture of it. There was so much frustration involved just getting a picture of a turtle, that eventually we had to give up.

Before we stormed out in a huff though, I pulled out my phone, and snapped a couple of pictures on there, just to see the difference. Although a much inferior quality to the digital camera, these pictures were perfect in terms of zoom and lighting and focus. It’s quite embarrassing that my phone takes better pictures than my camera does. Better start saving, I guess.

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