What mothers do

Published December 7, 2005

For ages, I’ve been wanting the new Monopoly Here & Now Limited Edition. Mr C wouldn’t let me buy it because he has some kind of ‘scarred for life’ childhood issues relating to Monopoly.

As an act of kindness, he relented and said I could get it. We’re going to see my parents over the holiday, and I said I would take it to play with them, and he even said he might join in! (Somehow, I don’t see this happening.)

I set out to the shops to buy it and you wouldn’t believe it, it was sold out. I knew it was Limited Edition, but usually, that doesn’t mean a thing. Anyway, I emailed my mother to complain about this, and received this reply:

“You knew, didn’t you, that if you mentioned it I would spend my precious lunch hour racing in to town to buy the aforementioned Monopoly. I suppose that’s what parents are for. PS you owe me £15.99.”

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