Guessing games

Published October 3, 2005

Have you seen that sketch in Catherine Tate where the woman gets her colleague to guess something, and then gets really annoyed if she gets it straight away?

I was reading somewhere about MiG Ayesa finishing in the top three to be the new lead singer of InXs. There was a programme or something, I think. I was quite upset about this because last I heard, MiG was still in We Will Rock You, trying to replace Tony Vincent and failing. This means that I am now officially out of date with news of the musical, and I can’t seem to find any new cast lists anywhere. (Not on any website does it tell me who’s in it at the moment. Even Google can’t help me. Although, it doesn’t help that the main website is about six months out of date as well.)

Anyway, I was flicking through the newspaper, and Mr C was browsing the web.

Me: Hey, you know that programme about finding the new InXs singer?

Him: Mmm.

Me: Guess who almost got it?

Him: That guy from We Will Rock You.

My mouth actually dropped open.

Me: How do you know that?

Him: I don’t know. It was a guess. I just thought of him.

I was gutted. I thought that of all the things he was least likely to know, this would be it. He doesn’t keep up to date with reality shows like that, he certainly didn’t watch it, and probably wouldn’t recognise the guy if he did. Plus, by taking him to see the show four times, I managed to turn him completely against it, so if you even mention the words We Will to him, he runs from the room screaming. I really thought I had a chance to know something that he didn’t. I guess I’ll just have to think harder.

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