Two disappointments from Electronic Arts

Published September 21, 2005

Firstly, the Sims Nightlife is not as good as I thought it was going to be. It’s alright, adds a little bit of colour to the game, and it’s always nice to get new wallpapers and clothes etc, but it’s a half-hearted attempt at an expansion pack. The only thing that makes it worth the money is that the Sims now get to own cars, the rest of it I could live without.

The previous pack, University, added a whole new level of gameplay, with a new life-stage and plenty of rewards for doing well. This one crams more struggles into what is already a short lifespan and all you end up with is a partner (something that was much, much easier to achieve before). It does reflect life rather well, for example, if you concentrate on a career then you’re sacrificing your social and family life, and vice versa, but it’s just too damn hard! (This coming from the Queen of Sims means it must be really difficult.)

The other huge disappointment for me is that they’ve stopped using the slogan “EA Games: Challenge Everything”. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. This is a disaster. This is almost as bad as the Kwik Fit guys stopping their “You can’t fit quicker than a quick fit fitter.” Try saying that after a few glasses of red. In fact, this is so bad, I’d say it parallels Opal Fruits being renamed Starburst (I mean, who thought that was a good idea?).

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