It's a mystery

Published September 30, 2005

You know when you were at school and you used to go to the toilets and find the walls covered in graffiti? You know the sort of thing: “Jenny was ere” and “Paula 4 Mark” circled in a giant heart shape that went wrong at the top and was half scribbled out?

You know when you go to a public toilet in a less than posh part of town and there are more grown up scribblings about sex and drugs and, well, not so much about rock and roll, but still with the badly drawn hearts?

Well, you don’t expect to find graffiti in your office toilets, do you?

The message was written in pencil, on the ladies cubicle wall, in a very posh and curly type of script.

“What’s with all the mystery? What is going on?”

So, whoever wrote that was either going a little bit crazy (not me, I promise), or was a little bit drunk (again, I know what you’re thinking but it wasn’t me). I like the fact that they were obviously trying to be terribly rebellious but chose to write their message in pencil so it could easily be erased after the event.

What is going on?

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