If you would just sit still for a second, you might learn something

Published April 26, 2005

I’m often told that if I’m going to watch television so much, I should take the time to watch educational programmes instead of Emmerdale and ER and such.

I’m all for learning about stuff. I thought Journey Of Life was excellent, although some might think that a TV vet should probably stick to what he knows best and not try to be a presenter. I also started to really enjoy Adam Hart Davis and his What The [insert particular era here, ie, Romans] Taught Us, but that finished a few weeks ago. Given all this good education I’ve been getting, I thought I would give the BBC’s tale of Genghis Khan a go. Did not approve.

I watched for ten minutes and saw people getting boiled alive and then a guy being pushed backwards over a rock until his back broke and he died. After that I felt too sick to learn anymore and instead I played Sims. And besides all that, ER was on last night, and I learn all sorts of things from that: Um, Carter is cute, and um…

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