You build up the tension...

Published March 28, 2005

…and then ruin it with an annoying Irishman in a ridiculous suit.

I’m probably not the only one who’s going to comment on this but I just wanted to mention how funny it was that the BBC finally got their brand new Doctor Who series up and running, after much hype and speculation, and they managed to ruin the tension of the first five minutes by fading up and down Graham Norton’s annoying voice from the previous program.

I never saw any original series of Doctor Who but I vaguely know about giant yellow scarves and Daleks that can’t go up stairs. I’m always intrigued to watch something that Billie Piper is in, because I can never decide if she can’t act or if her character is supposed to be like that. Anyway, I don’t like the scheduling, opposite Ant & Dec, but with the wonderful technology that is a video recorder, I’m planning to watch next week’s to see if the novelty wears off or not.

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