A New Forest fairytale

Published January 4, 2005

I got kicked by a pony yesterday. Don’t laugh.

We wanted to make the most of our last day of freedom before I return to the drudgery of the workplace, so we decided to go to Beaulieu. Mostly to see the cars, but the other stuff looked interesting as well.

Here are some photos - they’re not great, I’m saving the best for the Photo Blog:

Bluebird car at Beaulieu Motor Museum

Bubble Car at Beaulieu Motor Museum

DeLorean at Beaulieu Motor Museum

Once we’d done at Beaulieu, we de-toured to have a squint at The New Forest. It’s beautiful… and it has evil pony. This pony kicked me right in the back of the leg. We only wanted to take a few photos!

The pony in question:

White horse in the New Forest

Mr C said I should count myself lucky - if I hadn’t turned my back on the pony at that exact moment, I’d be looking at a broken knee. He said this while laughing his way home.

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