They know that they can't dance, at least they know

Published November 28, 2004

I’m not watching X Factor anymore, due to its descent from a decent talent contest into what is essentially a forum for Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell to bicker with each other. Not good television. And Kate Thornton is just too strict, making sure everyone is in their place - sometimes with live TV, you just have to just go with the flow - take a leaf out of Davina’s book, okay?

So, what to watch on Saturday nights? Instead, I switched channels and found Strictly Come Dancing. I like that the celebs are so enthusiastic for the type of dancing that they’re doing - ballroom is not a popular style these days. And now that the competition is in its latter stages, they are really very good!

My one criticism is in the grammar. When throwing someone off the show at the end, Tess Daly (a beautiful figure from having a baby only six weeks ago!) says “The couple leaving the show are…” Then there’s a dramatic pause and then the name is revealed. I’d just like to point out that a couple is a singular object consisting of two beings. To use ‘are’ in the sentence, she could say “The two people leaving the show are…” but “The couple leaving the show is…”

I’m picky like that.

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