Published October 12, 2004

I’m not very well today, a lot of coughing and stuff, it’s not very nice. Wrap up warm in front of the telly, that’s the advice I’ve been given, so that’s what I’m doing.

At work, there’s a contact we have at a branch, and she is always, always rude to me. She’s sometimes rude to my boss but never rude to my colleague who happens to be a man. I can’t work it out. I’ve not said anything to offend her, in fact the last time I phoned her up, I barely got a word in before she said she was too busy and couldn’t help me. It’s just plain nasty and doesn’t make for a good working relationship.

The letting agents that we are attempting to rent a flat from phoned me up last week and asked if I still wanted to be on the contact list in case any properties came up that suited my needs. Err, hello? We’re already trying to rent from you! It doesn’t bode well for the future, given the reason we’re leaving our current place is the breakdown of communication between the landlord and the agents and us.

My mobile had been ringing and ringing, and I don’t answer the phone to a number I don’t know, I always figure if it’s important, they’ll ring back. But this time, they did keep ringing back. So eventually, I phoned them and it turns out to be the Living In Britain survey people, so I’ve got that out of the way for another year. It’s really easy questions and only takes about an hour and this year I got a £10 High Street Voucher out of it - nothing to turn your nose up there, eh?

When my PC crashed, I lost all my RSS feeds and I’ve only just recently started finding them again - it was so annoying because there are lots that I read but didn’t really know what they were and can’t remember them. The lesson learned here - always back up your RSS Feeds list!

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