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Published August 30, 2004

We went to a country fete today, and it’s very heart-warming to know that people do still leave their houses for things other than football, the pub or shopping. Some parachutists flung themselves out of a plane, and I got a headache from straining my neck towards the sun so long as we watched them descend. There were also Morris Dancers, but let’s not get on to that subject, eh?

The Olympics has finished, finally, and I watched some of the last events. The men’s marathon that was on yesterday was ridiculous. Yes, okay, that man probably wouldn’t have won anyway, but to let a protester run into the middle of the road and actually push the guy into the crowd on the other side? The Greek security must have been asleep. It was at least ten seconds before when the runner noticed him, although he didn’t know what was going to happen - how come security didn’t spot it? At least, and thank god, he managed to get a bronze anyway.

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