Get that Friday feeling

Published August 6, 2004

Mmm, haven’t had a Crunchie for ages.

I’m trying really hard to learn this database stuff and I am getting somewhere, but I always end up feeling so stupid because I understand how all the stuff works. I can see how the code makes what happens happen, but I can’t begin to construct my own code, my brain just isn’t logical enough for that, I guess. It’s really frustrating, because the computer expert just comes along and makes it look like child’s play, while I don’t even know where to start. I’ve learnt this stuff twice and am still no nearer to knowing what the hell to do.

Despite that, it’s coming along nicely, although I’ve had to give up for this evening; Big Brother is about to get good, plus the week of heat has really got the better of me and I’m exhausted.

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