From high to low

Published June 28, 2004

I was mega happy this afternoon after watching Tim Henman win his match - it had everything you could ever want, a Brit, some diving and some swearing, and a sulky Delta Goodrem, she’s famous you know! There was also a little bit of tennis going on as well…

Now, I will talk to you about iTunes. I want to recommend it to each and every one of you. I scoffed when he first couldn’t sit still for the excitement about it, but now I couldn’t agree more. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s relatively cheap (providing you don’t go mad). The selection leaves a lot to be desired but I think it has the scope to be massive.

And another brownie point goes to Firefox, for the extension Sage which is the first feed reader that I’ve actually given the time of day too, despite myself having a feed for about six months now.

Anyway, after reading several books that were tough on the brain, I’m now going to settle down with some good ol’ chick lit and indulge.

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