A good day made even better

Published May 15, 2004

Although not a day to be curled up inside, I felt like watching some films. I thought instead of wasting the weather, I could manoeuvre the television and sit in the sunlight.

Now, you should all know that I’m quite a big Queen fan, if not you obviously haven’t been reading this journal for very long. I was recommended to watch Highlander, the film which ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’, my favourite song ever, is famous for. When I was in the video shop last, I could only think of Braveheart, which I was informed at a rather loud volume later, was completely different. So, today, I picked up Highlander (the guy from Holby City’s in it!!) and also Timeline.

It was brilliant! I mean, to be honest, if you were watching it as a film for the first time, I don’t think it would actually be very good, but considering that Timeline is my favourite book of all time bar none, it was like bringing it to life. I was so chuffed because I was expecting it to be awful, as most book turned films are, but it was… just as it should be.

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