We Will Rock You - The result

Published April 10, 2004

I think I knew before we went, that the replacement wouldn’t live up to the outstanding performances of my favourite Tony Vincent. But I like to think that I was willing to go in there with an open mind and give him a fair shot. And he pretty much blew it. I just think his voice wasn’t clear enough to pull off the songs and I didn’t notice but Mr C said his dancing skills weren’t exactly on top form.

He had to wear a wig… at least Tony had the decency to have his hair as it should be for the part. Plus the character is American, as is Tony, and MiG… (I really can’t comment on the name, not only is it MiG… but it’s a capital G?). Well, MiG is Australian. The part was practically written for Tony and I just don’t think that this guy fills his shoes.

Anyway, on a lighter note… we think that everyone else stepped up their performance which covered the lacking in the main role, and all the subtle changes that they put in made the story make a lot more sense. And best of all, I got a GAGA bag!

We were right by the speaker and the smoke machine, so after two hours of coughing and loud music, we came home with banging headaches and went straight to bed. But it was still a really great night and although sad that I’m probably not going to see it again (I think Mr C would rather walk over hot coals than see it for a fifth time), I’m looking forward to taking him to see something else. Next on the list… Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and Mary Poppins (not opening till December)?

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