Out of power

Published March 13, 2004

Did anyone else watch If the lights go out? I thought it was going to be really good, eye opening, scare us all into doing something about the use of all our power sources. But it actually did nothing of the sort.

First of all, they didn’t show that we were using a ton more electricity than now. The girl was playing a video game. Er, we do that now don’t we? Secondly, why would we have stopped making nuclear power? It’s the best source of power we have and is currently getting cheaper.

And thirdly, what was the big deal? At the end they said that London was without power for 24 hours and that guy lost his job as minister of energy. Right… and this is a catastrophe, how? London can live without power for 24 hours, it’s not something we’d wish for but not a tragedy on the grand scale of things.

They also tried to make a big deal of the poor girl who lit a candle and the gas at the same time. Surely that’s just stupidity? That’s not the government’s fault.

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