Too much choice

Published January 24, 2004

I bought a new toothbrush just recently and although a mundane thing like that shouldn’t warrant a mention in this place, I thought I had to comment on the amount of choice there is these days.

Now, I haven’t bought a new toothbrush for a while, and the last one was purchased for me simply because it was purple (my favourite colour). So, I was dazzled by the array of new fangled ideas on the shelf.

Different sized and coloured brushes to reach every single shape tooth known to man, rubber inserts to massage your gums, bendy heads, special grips, it’s all a bit much.

I’m all for buying anything but the old style cheap and boring brushes that only gave you red, green or blue as a colour but I do think that this is taking a bit far. In the end, I picked the only one that made sense to me… I bought the purple one.

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