Published January 18, 2003

Insomniacs are relentless about time, about night-time, because each minute is another grain of sand through the hour-glass and into your head for the next day.

Time For Bed, David Baddiel

I’m no insomniac, but I can understand that. I could not sleep at all last night. I grabbed an hour between 11 and 12, and then I watched the clock tick by until about half 2. The rest of the house settled into sleep, then I watched the clock tick by some more.

It’s always weird, because every minute that goes by, you’re recalculating in your head how long it is until you have to get up and if you did, by some miracle, manage to get to sleep, how many hours you’d have compared to the recommended eight.

And as I heard someone say this morning, when you do get up, you find you’re ‘up early, although not necessarily bright and’…

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