Published December 13, 2002

Well, here I am once again, munching on Christmas cheesie biscuit things. I’ve changed my mind about the moans of the Yuletide season though, for tomorrow I am heading out to do my Christmas Shopping. I love to buy gifts for others, imagining what they will say once it’s opened, and how they will run off to show people. When I’m out shopping for others, I rarely imagine what they’ll have got me, in fact, I sometimes tend to forget that they’ll get me something as well. Which makes it a nice surprise on Christmas Day.

I just got my hair cut, it’s still a little damp, but it’s less of a weight on me now. Not sure if it was the best idea, as it would have been nice to have that extra protection against the bitter winds, but it definitely needed it. Was nice and cheap too.

I wonder if I’ll be going out tonight, or whether it will be another night in front of the TV. No more Friends though, roll on series 10!

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