The Taste Twenty Trial

“On first glance, it looked okay, as though it would be similar to a mango or a pineapple. It seemed that the more handling the fruit had, trying to remove the skin, etc, the more slippery it got, and to be honest, it was really quite slimy.”
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“I had a crusty bread roll and some creamy white goat’s cheese, and you know what? It was just like any other soft cheese, although perhaps a little bit stronger. It was slightly sharper, maybe even a bit sour, but not by any means bad.”
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“I like all the ingredients, sugar, currants, cake, but the way it’s laid out in a lardy cake doesn’t appeal. The layer of crunchy, lardy sugar at the bottom wasn’t nice at all – so much so that I cut that bit off and just enjoyed the cake bit instead.”
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“My mum said: “Try it. It looks like it will be sour but that’s just because it is green. It’s basically just like a plum.” That is exactly what it was. Just a small green plum.”
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“The longer I drank, the less cola I could taste and the more whisky I could taste, but I don’t think it would be a fair judgement on the whisky at all. It’s sweet and it’s aimed at people with a sweet tooth. It leaves no aftertaste, it has no burn, it’s just a pleasant, if rather sticky drink.”
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“Initially, it was like eating raisins with no flavour, but then the aftertaste kicked in and it was like soap. Gross. I tried two and then threw them away, I don’t care how healthy they are.”
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“It was nice, not too sweet, the filling wasn’t too overpowering. It was just like a scone, really, except without that pastry taste. The bread might as well not have been there, except otherwise you would just be eating jam and cream with a spoon.”
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“Eww. I mean, I wasn’t expecting a sweet treat or anything but this was not good. It tasted like medicine, and as a gel it was all gooey and gross. I didn’t particularly feel any extra energy but then I wasn’t in the midst of a mammoth tennis game either.”
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