The Great Gardening Adventure

In which I attempt to grow my own vegetables… with slim to moderate success.

  • The Start – Making a garden shaped trifle
  • Week 1 – Taking two steps backwards before we’ve even begun
  • Week 2 – The tomatoes begin to get too big for their boots
  • Week 3 – The first taste of home-grown goodness
  • Week 4 (and a bit) – Some lessons about flowers and bendy leaves
  • Week 5 – The first sign of an admittedly green tomato
  • Week 6 – Harvesting the lettuce and worrying about the strawberries
  • Week 8 (oops, missed one) – Green cucumbers and larger than expected tomatoes
  • The End – I finally run out of green on my fingers
  • Epilogue – Enjoying a rosy red tomato